Thursday, December 31, 2009

Technology Predictions for 2010

Among the technology trends predicted for the year 2010 is the advent of mainstream broadband-enabled television, with the BBC and other U.K. players participating in Project Canvas. The initiative involves the installation of a set-top box with an Internet link, establishing a means to access Web sites and their content via the TV.

Although the popularity of Twitter signals that real-time social networks have become well-entrenched, the challenge remains in gathering their short-form contents together in a genuinely practical format. Twitter is saturated with people's opinions, which makes it nearly impossible to present them in a manner in which their relative merits are apparent.

Augmented reality also is poised to progress in 2010, having already been a hit with early tech-savvy adopters in such applications as compasses and global positioning systems in cell phones.

Location-based games are expected to proliferate while navigation displays will shift from bird's-eye-view map-based schematics to arrows on the road.

Meanwhile, three-dimensional (3D) TV is on the way, with both Panasonic and Sky verifying that they will release 3D TVs and Sky's announced rollout of a dedicated 3D channel. The unknown factor is whether consumers will be willing to adopt the technology, and the initial cost of the 3D TVs is expected to be high. Another challenge the technology will need to overcome is consumers' resistance to wearing special glasses while watching TV, at least until next-generation TVs with screens that automatically perform 3D rendering appear.

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